Trysa Shulman & Associates






Common concerns I can help with:


   Anger Management

   Behavioral Issues


   Family Conflict


   Mindful Parenting


   Self Esteem




----Now seeing patients online through telehealth---


I work with adults and teens, building skills and laying down new pathways for dealing with relationship struggles, inner conflict, loss, developmental crises, and identity concerns. I consult with parents of children of all ages, guiding them in helping their kids live less painful, more fulfilling lives. I help people who grapple with anger, sadness, anxiety, and feelings of emptiness or despair. I help my patients learn to be mindful and nonjudgmental in their awareness of thoughts, feelings, and the many motivations that lead to sometimes difficult behaviors.


Whether you are looking to work out a specific issue, or better understand your life's patterns, I can help you find your own path and support you through your growth as an individual.

Seeking therapy is usually a sign of health - that you want to take better care of yourself or your family.







   Coping Skills

   Emotional Disturbance


   Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)

   Peer Relationships


   Issues of Adolescence

   Integrating Physical Health

   with Mental Health







--- Please note ---

I am a Tier 1 provider for the Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan, but do not accept other insurance plans​. If you choose to use your out of network benefits, I'll be glad to print a monthly invoice for you to submit directly to your insurance.​